Wednesday, March 20

Spring Break--Part Two

Thursday morning found us driving north to Fairbanks.  We arrived at our friend's house in the early afternoon and the kiddos played and had a great time.  Friday we layered up and headed out to the BP World Ice Art Championships.  Wow.  What a cool event!  The carvings are just amazing!  We toured the carvings, played on the ice playground, had lunch, and played some more.  I took about a million pictures...only some of which appear below...

That evening after dinner and putting the kids to bed the four of us adults from Whittier went back and toured the carvings in the dark.  Even  more spectacular!

It was such a fun day!  The kids are still talking about the ice slides and the sculptures!  And because pictures of sleeping kids are so sweet I will leave you with this one...

No one in the crib, that's for when our friend's grandson comes to visit.  That's Kelsey in the pink sleeping bag, Stacy in the blue sleeping bag, and our friend Austin up on the bed.  Adorbs!!

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