Wednesday, January 23

Not quite to plan...

Usually I start each week with a little mental blog plan.  Usually that works out fairly well.  This week...not so much!  Today I was going to share pictures of a skirt I altered and a top I'm making for myself.  But I never took pictures of the skirt and the top is fitting poorly and therefore not done.  I spent the time I should have been sewing today reading a book instead because I was *so close* to the end and had to know which suitor she'd choose.  A total fluff book.  I needed that.  This is one of those weeks where I feel like I am really busy, but don't have much to show for it...lots of planning and list making, lots of reading and class work for some classes I am taking, and lots of house cleaning.  None of which is very exciting blog fodder!

This quote is resonating with me this week...

available from Etsy here I am trying to not only believe in the good, but to also be the good.  Trying to bless people in my corner of the world in my own little ways.  It fills my heart!

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