Monday, December 31


This weekend we continued doing what you're supposed to do after Christmas...PLAY!  Here are  a few pictures of the kids with various stuff...

fun with cardboard, duct tape, and a Makedo set
indoor snowball fight
I wanted this game so bad as a kid...Hungry, Hungry Hippos!
some beginner cross stitch for K
some learning to backstitch for S
marshmallow catapults...
she looks so serious...doubly funny since we were cracking up the whole time!
The weather here has been icky, icky, icky!  Warm and rainy...but we had so much ice beforehand that the whole place is either a) slushy b) covered in standing water c) running water d) water over ice e) blowing 40mph with 60mph gusts or some combination of those.  Blech.  We're hoping for better weather in 2013!

A sidenote here...I came across this today. It made me resonates with me.  I'm gonna out!  Some of those pics might even end up on the blog now and then...

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