Monday, August 6

First (big) Fish

Wow!  What a fun weekend we had!  Scott sent me out halibut fishing on Saturday with our friends at Whittier Marine Charters and it was a fun, fun trip.  Here's a shot to put those weekly cruise ships in perspective...size wise, anyway!

Sunday was an even bigger adventure, though.  Kelsey and I again hit the waters with Captain Matt.  The highlight of the day was Kelsey catching her first halibut, but there were many memorable moments along the way!

There were silly moments on the boat ride...

Contemplative moments while we waited for the fish to bite...

Funny moments when we pulled the shrimp pots...

And many moments spent re-hashing the day's catches!

It was hard for me to make this trip, knowing only one kiddo could come, but after it was all said and done I am glad we did it.  Kelsey is just more into the ocean than Stacy and that combined with being a bit older and a bit more self-entertaining made the trip very fun for both of us.  Stacy stayed home with Scott and her little buddy Austin.  Scott took them out for lunch at the Inn at Whittier and they had a movie marathon.  I heard they might have even gotten to eat dinner on the couch...and out of Mommy's favorite coffee mug!  Special times for everyone!

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