Thursday, June 30

Crafts of Late

Here's the craftiness the girls and I have been up to this week:

shaving cream & food coloring bathtub paints

patriotic sponge painting
paper pals (S on left, K on right)

a little bit about Stacy
In case you can't read the above:
I am Stacy Stacy Stacy Stacy.
I like to go to the ice cream shop.
I don't like to leave my grandma's house.
I like to eat pears.
I like to play blocks.
When I grow up I want to be a pediatrician.

a little bit about Kelsey
In case you can't read the above:
I am Kelsey.

I like to play dog.
I don't like to sit in a chair.
I like to eat fresh vegetables.
I like to play hide and seek.
When I grow up I want to be an artist.

The girls recently hatched a plan where Stacy will be a pediatrician and Kelsey will be an artist.  Kelsey will "make art" to hang in Stacy's office so it will make people smile and they'll want to buy it.  Seems like a pretty good business plan to me!

I-Spy Bottles
Remember the I-Spy bags I made earlier this month?  Well the girls loved them, but I made them so big that they were *heavy* and I worried about them springing a leak in the backseat.  I came across this idea on a number of blogs, so I re-did the I-Spy bags into I-Spy bottles.  Much lighter and with hot-glued lids, much less likely to spread rice all over the backseat.  Win-win!

More Wildlife

Kelsey and Jack the Moose
 The girls and I teamed up with friends this week and made another trek to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  We are so lucky to live so close to the center!

learning about animal footprints

It's a great spot to visit any time of year, but in the spring and summer it is fun to see all of the babies, both those born at the center and those orphaned and temporarily at the center.  This visit we got to see two baby moose , an elk calf, and the two orphaned Kodiak cubs we visited this winter, along with lots of adult animals as well.  Here are a few pictures from our visit!

coyote rescued from Elmendorf AFB
Kodiak cubs
brown bear
moose calf

Monday, June 27

A Weekend in Whittier

We had a lovely weekend just hanging out a home!  Scott enjoyed some time on the water both Saturday and Sunday, so the girls and I did a few fun things that have been rolling around in my head for awhile...we

:: painted fingernails and toenails
:: made spaghetti dogs

:: made some masterpieces for Mom's bedroom wall

Stacy's representation of the BTI (in blue) and surrounding grass and tree

Kelsey's painting of the plants in our living room windowsill

:: made cheeseburger pizza (yum!)
:: did some Christmas shopping around Whittier
:: accidentally learned to ride a bike without training wheels

Pure joy!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!

Out on the Water

Thanks to a generous boat captain, a wonderful husband, and a very kind friend I was able to take a halibut fishing trip last week.  I caught a 30 pound fish at the very end of the trip, but the real highlight for me was the wildlife!  Words cannot begin to describe how incredible it was.

First the humpback whales.  We ran into several of them in the Culross Pass area.  They were apparently enjoying showing off and we watched them for 15 or 20 minutes. As usual I took *many* pictures, but this is my favorite.

As we came out of Culross Pass, we ran into a bit of fog and I snapped this shot.

Soon we were anchored up and fishing.  After a bit of fishing, we got the call to reel in FAST and NOW!  A pod of Dall's porpoises were headed our way.  They must have been chasing a ball of bait fish that decided to hide out under our boat, because they swam around and under our boat for at least 20 minutes.  They are fast swimmers, capable of up to 55mph, which coincidentally makes them difficult to photograph.  I did get a few good shots of them though!

We moved around a bit, caught 8 halibut for the boat, and then headed back in.  It was such a gorgeous sunny day!

And our hot deckhand filleted all of our fish for us on the way home!

It was such a great way to spend a sunny day...on beautiful Prince William Sound!

PS...We've been returned to our regularly scheduled's raining sideways today!

What? Wow!

Every so often Blogger adds a tool or whatnot and while back they added this 'Stats' tab to my Blogger Dashboard.  I have peeked at it before, but since I'm not a professional blogger I haven't paid much attention to it.  I took a look today and discovered (to my complete surprise!) that NLM has been visited by people from 10 countries in the last month!  What are the chances of that? 

Pretty cool, huh? :-)