Monday, November 30

Wish me luck!

We're getting our first "Whittier Winds" tonight! Sustained winds at 77mph and gusting to 90 in town, 116 on the harbor. Girls are sleeping through it...will Mommy? Scott should have no trouble since he's been at work since 6am and isn't home at 9pm! He was home for a few hours at dinner time, though...

Sunday, November 29

Big Deal Bath

It's funny, the things that are big deals to little girls! Our girls have always bathed together, but last week Kelsey had the idea of taking a bath by herself. We discussed it and planned that on Daddy's next 'stay home day' we would give the idea a try. Lucky for her, it was the week of Thanksgiving so she didn't have to wait long for Daddy's 'stay home day'! Of course I had completely forgotten about it, but clearly she had not--she asked me about it Thursday morning before she even got out of bed! They worked it out with Scott that they would draw straws to see who would get to go first and then henceforth we'd take turns. It was our first whirl at drawing straws and by some miracle, Stacy did not have a fit when she lost. Knowing she would be first only heightened Kelsey's enthusiasm.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving dinner...scarfed down so that we could take "our own baths!". If you've ever eaten with our family you know that fast eating is NOT something that happens at our table! Anyway...the seperate baths was a huge hit. Of course whichever sister wasn't in the bath was sitting on the stool right next to the tub! It was a repeat hit last night with Stacy delighting in her turn to go first, so I'm sure tomorrow's return to sharing the bath on 'Daddy's work day' will bring plenty of talk about taking seperate baths again next weekend!

Saturday, November 28


Nothing lately has struck me as "blog worthy", but I thought I'd post quickly to let you all know we're still here!

It's been snowing a lot lately...our temps have been just above freezing so it's mostly slush. Scott spent most of Thursday and Friday out plowing with his crew. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving! It seems the investment in Alaska raingear and footwear is paying off, though. He's come home mostly dry and warm both days...of course there are the heated cabs to thank, too!

The girls and I have been busy doing this and that. Wednesday found us preparing our turkey for Thursday and baking our contributions to the community Thanksgiving potluck at the school. The potluck was a great success--a good turnout and good food! Thursday I wrapped up a few Christmas gifts I'd been working on while the turkey roasted (our turkey turned out AWESOME, btw...can't say the same for our dressing, though!). Yesterday we made a birthday present for Moo Grandpa and worked on our Christmas tree. I bought a little 18" tree at Michael's since the girls and I will be out of town for the holiday and we don't really have room for anything bigger anyway! I didn't bring any ornaments up with us and that's turned out to be a great thing. Kelsey is turning every scrap of paper in our house into a Christmas ornament! She's having a great deal of fun making, hanging, and rearranging her creations.

That brings us to the moment the girls are coloring Christmas pictures to hang on our friends' doors. It's quickly become a tradition around here!

Sunday, November 22

Anchorage Day

Yesterday was our 'town day'. We had lots to do and since both girls have colds, we had a shorter time than usual to get it all done! They were real troopers though and we managed to get everything done on the list.

And now a quick bit of background before sharing my kiddo funny moment of the day. Stacy often wants what she can't have, so my standard response is , "Sorry, that's not a choice." Usually followed by me offering her choices she can have. on...

My absolute favorite moment of the day came at McDonald's, though. The girls were tired and hungry and we were on our way to Mickey D's when the girls would have liked to have already been halfway through their Happy Meals. We were playing the ever-popular alphabet game and I called out that we were looking for a purple M. As I said this the famed golden arches came into view and Stacy replies "Sorry mom, that's not a choice. We only have yellow Ms!". It was hilarious in person--I'm not sure it 'sounds' so funny in the way that I've written it out, though! :-)

Plenty of snow today--some pics over on Fotki!

Thursday, November 19

Daddy Turns the Day Around!

The girls have a cold. Blech! It's certainly nothing serious, but the girls aren't feeling 100% and as a result, neither am I! Yesterday was the first day that they were really acting differently, although noses have been running since Monday. By the end of the day we were all tired--and I was quickly running out of patience. Enter Daddy the Hero For the Day!!

He began by teaching the girls to play hide and seek. It was so much fun and *totally* turned my outlook around. The girls were giggling and Scott and I were cracking up, too. Stacy didn't quite grasp the idea of hiding, but we all had a blast.

Soon it was PJ time. Scott took over that duty while I did the dinner dishes (some days I REALLY miss the dishwasher!!) and he was soon brushing their teeth. At our house the girls brush first, then we follow up with a parental brushing. Usually I do this and I sing some silly made-up song about brushing teeth. Of course, Stacy requested that Daddy sing while performing this duty, too! Next thing I know I hear Scott singing, "I like clean teeth and I cannot lie..." to the tune of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot. Needless to say, I was rolling on the floor!!

So--thank you so much Scott, for changing my outlook on the entire day!!

Sunday, November 15

Kelsey's Plan

Well today is day two of wearing the new dresses. I don't often cave to the plea to wash something tonight so we can wear it tomorrow, but last night I gave in. They wanted badly to wear the dresses to church today so we washed.

Meanwhile, Kelsey has hatched a plan involving her chickens and her new dress. As you can see from the picture posted a few days ago the skirt of her dress is flowered. Kelsey imagines that the chickens are going to be quite taken by this dress. So taken in fact, that if they should escape the confines of their pen they'll just follow her right back into the fence because they want to peck the flowers on her skirt to see if there are any bugs in them! She's probably partly right. The chickens love her and do follow her around. Whether or not they will hunt for bugs on her skirt remains to be seen. I guess I had better make sure the dresses get packed for our trip down south next month!

Friday, November 13

Two Twirly Dresses

Whew! After being asked at least 3 times every minute since yesterday afternoon "Is my dress ready yet?" Finally I can answer "YES!!". Now after all that fuss they don't want to wear them. Instead they're saving them for tomorrow...go figure!


More goodies for Auntie JJs bazaar! Made from this pattern. I love the way it has the side velcro closure and elastic neckband so that little ones can put it on and take it off by themselves. It also takes very little fabric, a bonus! All of these (and the book covers and lunch bags) were made from my stash! Might have to make a few for my kids--they have very cute aprons I made them a while back, but they tie in the back, so they need me to put them on. And take them off. And put them on. And...well, you get the idea! :-)

Thursday, November 12

A Day Late...

I took this along our walk yesterday. Maybe they should have taken the boat out of the water yesterday???

Lovely Day!

What a great day we had yesterday! The snow started drifting down mid-morning and in a rare sequence of events the wind was not howling. It was a postcard Alaskan day!

Scott had the day off in observance of Veteran's Day, so he began by sleeping in a bit. Then he and Kelsey went to his office for a bit to sort out some information needed before the tow truck arrived to tow the ambulance into town for repairs. Meanwhile Stacy and I picked up a bit in preparation for our friend (and City Comission Clerk) Becky to arrive for the great event of the morning: The Tea Party. The Tea Party was a big hit--the girls had lots of fun with their guest and she went home with her head spinning from their frantic level of excitement over the event.

Next on the agenda was lunch at school. I don't know if I've talked about lunch at school on the blog before or not. Just in case, here's a quick summary to catch you up. Breakfast is served at school, but lunch is not. I assume it's due to the level of staffing, but lunch is a 45 minute break where everyone comes home and eats, then heads back to school. Except for occasional Wednesdays where the kids and staff prepare lunch and serve it as a fundraiser. So far we've been to a hamburger lunch and a baked potato lunch. Yesterday was the Mexican lunch. Yummy! There's also lunch next Wednesday (menu TBA) and then Thanksgiving lunch the following Wednesday...yummy! Anyway, lunch at school is always fun for the girls as they get to see all of their friends and it's something different and therefore is a BIG deal!

In the afternoon we ventured out into our fresh snow and Scott and I pulled the girls on their new sleds down to the Inn at Whittier, home of the "fancy hot chocolate". It's served in clear mugs with whipped cream and is viewed as a big treat in our family. We enjoyed some of the fancy hot chocolate before venturing home to play on the little patch of grass in front of our building. It has a little hill that is just right for little people to sled on by themselves.

After we came in and warmed up, I left for Girdwood and a quilt binding class offered through the Four Valleys Community School by Denise Gallup. I had a wonderful time and met some very nice gals. The drive was snowy but not too bad. Well worth it for the fun I had!

Sunday, November 8

Portage Pass Trail

Well, today I ventured out for my first Alaskan hike! What a great day for it, too...29 degrees, sustained winds at about 20mph, gusting to 30ish, blowing snow. What an initiation! Thankfully the trail (although not the walk through town to get to the trail!) was out of the wind until you hit the top. I went with two fellow BTIers, Joey and Patrick. Joey also works for the city.

This gives a little description of the trail. If it had been a clearer day the views would have been fantastic. Given the conditions the views were still beautiful, but left me wanting to hike it again on a clearer day. Here are a few more pics:

Saturday, November 7

Today's Production

In addition to the usual stuff, I managed to whip up these 8 items for a bazaar Jaiden is organizing to raise money to buy pet food for pets in need this winter! 3 paperback covers and 5 lunchbags. Not too bad for having two little ones to tend to as well! :-)

The girls got creative this morning, too. Here we are finger painting right after breakfast...yes, some paint also got on the paper!

And I'll leave you with two cute quotes from the last few days.

Kelsey: "I can't ballerina dance Mom! I have a band-aid on my finger!"

Stacy: "Can I have more milk please? Just a splash!"

Can't help but smile now, can you?!?!

Wednesday, November 4

Snow and Rain and Snow and Rain

The title pretty much sums up our weather this week so far! The temp is hovering in the mid 30's and we have precip. When the temp drops it's snow, when it's a tad warmer it's rain. Yesterday afternoon it warmed up to around 36 and rained a bit. It cleared the road mostly off although the sidewalk is a different story! Our few inches of snow last week had turned to solid ice over the weekend, so walking was challenging. With the clearing streets we ventured out to the Inn at Whittier yesterday afternoon for some "fancy hot chocolate".

Monday we just hung out here at home, doing some laundry and taking Grandma to gym time. Sunday the girls played with Grandma while Scott and I spent a day together. We went into Anchorage and did some shopping, some browsing, and hit some tourist spots on the way home. It was so nice to have some time together!