Sunday, August 30

Alaska Day is Set!

The tickets are purchased, so it's official! The kids and I will be leaving PDX on September 14. With any luck our flight will be on time, our checked bags will be ready when we arrive at baggage claim, and we'll be able to hit the last tunnel (11pm) into Whittier. If not, we'll have to crash at a hotel in Anchorage for the night. Either way the 4 of us will be in the same state for the first time in almost a month!

Friday, August 28

An Official Whittier Resident

Well folks, after much preparation and traveling Scott is now an official Whittier, AK resident! He's temporarily staying in a 2 bedroom apartment (furnished) on the 14th floor of the BTI. Our 3 bedr0om will be vacated by the 29th, and then our landlord will be cleaning, painting, etc.
He's off to grocery shop today--I guess he's not up to sorting through an entire trailer's worth of stuff to find a few boxes of food! :-)

As for the rest of us here in WA, we're getting along nicely. I finished the bulk of the work at Rocky Top yesterday. One more trip with my dad to put up some molding and we should be done! I should probably do some weeding, but I don't find myself at all inclined to do so. Maybe I'll find more motivation next week???

Monday, August 24

Anchorage at Last!

Scott called today--they hit Anchorage at about 3pm this afternoon. He was relieved--he mentioned his back end being a *bit* sore after 5 days straight in the truck!

Apparently his first stop was the DMV to try to get his AK license. He said he got there too late however, as you need to take the written test.

Tomorrow he's off to Whittier to iron out a few apartment details, pick up mailbox keys, etc. Then he and his dad are planning some sightseeing and some fishing.

Back here in WA, we lunched with Auntie Wendy today after hitting a few consignment shops in our search for a 4T raincoat and some size 8ish rubber boots. We're a little early, I think...people are still in shorts and flipflops around here!

Sunday, August 23

Sunday--in Alaska!

Scott and Chris hit AK today. They're staying in Tok, AK and then will hit Anchorage tomorrow. Scott will then head into Whittier on Tuesday and get some final housing details ironed out. He's also planning to get a driver's license, license the car and truck and go fishing.

As for us here in WA, we hit the sandbox, the park, and the pool today!

Saturday's Trek

Sounds like progress was slow yesterday for the Al-Can highway. They stopped for the night in Teslin in the Yukon Territory. About 450 miles for the day. Apparently they spent some time unloading and reloading the trailer in an effort to stop one wheel from rubbing on the undercarriage and smoking.

Always an adventure!

Saturday, August 22

Day Two of Driving I'm a day behind posting this, but on Day Two of Scott's drive (Friday) they made it from Prince George, BC to Fort Nelson, BC today. We got to Skype with Scott this morning which the girls really enjoyed.

Life goes on down here in the Lower 48. I went up to Rocky Top this afternoon for a bit while the girls played with Fishie Gma. They walked to the park and had lots of fun. I scrubbed the deck and gathered up garbage...hmmm....betcha can't guess who had more fun??

Friday, August 21

Prince George and Truckin'

The email from Scott last night said that they'd made it to Prince George (730 miles) yesterday. No other details included, so I assume the border crossing went smoothly.

A family gathering of the Paul siblings here at Fishy Gma's house this evening, so the Korbe girls will be in baby heaven with cousin Evie around!

Thursday, August 20

He's On His Way

Well, as of 8am this morning Scott is on his way to Alaska! Not sure how far he's made of 1:30 he was in Canada, though. Here's a shot of the girls kissing the truck good-bye.

Since yesterday was my birthday, Scott took me out to dinner and then to the arcade to play games. We had a lot of fun. We also went to my going away gathering of friends from school. It was very nice! I am now armed with a nerf pistol (for the bears!) and a lovely flower-adorned pink flyswatter for those giant Alaskan bugs we keep hearing about!

We're now residing with my folks in Washougal until our 'Alaska Day' as the kids have dubbed it.

Tuesday, August 18

Almost There

Really, we are! The trailer is loaded but for a few last minute things tomorrow morning (kids' beds, etc) and I've been working hard to get as much cleaning done as I can before we go. I'll have carpets to clean, caulking to do, and some painting to do after we move out, but hopefully it will go fairly fast. Many thanks to everyone who has lent us a hand in the past few weeks or who will be in the next few weeks...we've had so much help and every bit of it has been appreciated.

Now--better get myself back to work before Scott finds me taking a break! :-)

Family Reunion

Just a quick little note to update y'all! We spent the weekend relazing at Mounthaven campground by Mt. Rainier for the Godwin Family reunion. We all had fun, the girls especially! Fishie Grandma pushed those swings until her arms felt like spaghetti and we had our monthly (yearly??) allotment of marshmallows.

It was great so see everyone and sooooo wonderful to take a break from the craziness back home!

Thursday, August 13

21 Dozen Hangers

That's right, folks! The Korbe family owns 21 dozen hangers! That's not counting pants hangers, skirt hangers, etc. Just plain old (white in our house) plastic hangers. 21 dozen.

How many should I take?????

Monday, August 10

The Party

Wow! I will not attempt to thank everyone by name who put their efforts into our wonderful going away party last night--the efforts were monumental and shared by numerous people. Instead a genuine and heartfelt THANK YOU from both Scott and I to any and all who helped plan, put together, make food for, or attended the shin-dig last night at Scott's parent's house. We value your friendship and appreciate all that you have done for us!

The bounce house was a tremendous hit. I was assured last night by Kelsey that it wasn't Grandpa's bounce house to keep, he just thought it would be a lot of fun for a party! He was right--kids big and small (not to mention Grandma and Grandpa Moo!) were spotted having a blast. I know my two bouncers slept like rocks afterwards!

And now...back to the boxes!

Saturday, August 8

Garage Sale Done

Whew! All that sorting, pricing, packing, unpacking, setting up, taking down, and repacking is done. At the end of it I had less stuff and more money, so that's a good thing! MANY thanks to my mom and dad for picking up and delivering my kids and to my sister for helping to entertain them. Oh yes, and to the guide dog in training (Lottie) that my sister was caring for this weekend--she provided quite a bit of entertainment, too!

After the sale I cleaned my beloved table which M&D delivered today. It's looking much better, I must say! Got all the paint and gunk off the top and steel wooled the legs. It's so shiny and nice now! I've got some tabletop cleaning/restoring stuff that's supposed to help make the laminate all shiny again. The chairs still need a lot of elbow grease...

Off now to play with my new webcam and Skype and see if I can get it all working!

Friday, August 7

Are we there yet??

Gosh I'm tired! As I write, Scott's dragging all of the garage sale (field sale?) stuff down the hill. I'll start setting it up bright and early tomorrow AM. The signs are hung, the ad's on Craigslist, I've got change...what am I forgetting??

Thursday, August 6

Please Return!

Do you have my tape? My scissors? My permanent marker?

Why does it seem that no matter how hard I try to put them back in one place, each time I start or finish a box and need tape, scissor, or the marker they're nowhere to be found?

Ahhhh, the trials of moving!

Should have been done

What a day yesterday was! It was spent finishing up those projects that should have been done a long time ago. Scott trimmed out the doors we replaced this spring, trimmed part of the craft room we "finished" after Kelsey was born, and installed some kick boards to cupboards we installed long before we had kids! I took on a painting project to finish off the water heater cupboard and then also packed the pantry, disassembled the fish tank, and picked up my teaching stuff from school.
It was the first of several productive days of home improvement around here. Still on the list is fixing gutters on the house and barn, repairing furnace duct work, etc.

As we do this all, I am trying *very hard* to remember that we'll get to enjoy the fruits of this labor when ever we move back from AK. These projects have been on our "to do" list for ages and it's a little hard to see them completed just in time to move out of the house. Bittersweet!

2 days until the garage sale--I'm hoping it's at least minimally successful to justify the effort I've put into it! I don't really care if we make a lot of money, I just want the stuff gone! Since the sale is over at 4pm and the Goodwill drop off is open in Battle Ground until 9pm, I guess it will be a certain success!! :-)